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Miracle Monday

“Miracle Monday” is a monthly news feature on our local station, KXLY. This month featured the Giraffe Omnibed. The Giraffe beds create an unsurpassed healing environment for babies in Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Providence Health Care Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have been instrumental in funding several of these high-tech isolettes.

The goal is to keep the newborn in that bed as long as they need to be. The beds are specially designed to mimic a mother’s womb, so doctors can control factors like temperature, humidity, and light. The beds also have large drop down doors to give staff quick access to the baby. There’s even a built-in scale and x-ray tray.

“They’re very important to use because they help us be able to provide the best care for these babies. This technology has really changed the life of a small baby,” Melissa Gassett, NICU Nurse Manager said.

It’s helped change the experience for new parents to, who oftentimes can’t hold their child for weeks and even months. But the giraffe bed includes a place for parents to put their arms into the covered area so they can touch their baby.