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Walmart Associates Rally Behind Kids in Our Communities

The Walmart’s campaign benefitting Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is going strong!  Associates at locations across the Inland Northwest are once again positively impacting kids’ health in our community by coming together to enthusiastically support this year’s campaign.

Each year we hear from associates who have been personally impacted by their local member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and give back to pay it forward and help others in their community.

Associates like Mikki, who was helped by her local CMN Hospital after noticing her adopted daughter, Jenna, was not reaching certain milestones and displaying behaviors that were not typical for a child her age. Jenna came to Mikki at six months old after being dropped off at the daycare she ran at the time. Her birth parents never returned. Mikki ended up fostering Jenna and eventually adopting her. She knew Jenna needed her but didn’t know exactly how to help her. Mikki advocated very strongly for Jenna, knowing that something wasn’t right but not getting the answers she needed.  At the suggestion of a daycare worker, Mikki had her daughter evaluated for possible Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and that diagnosis was confirmed. Her local hospital did not have the expertise to help Jenna, so she got a referral to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, a member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It was there that Jenna finally began getting the treatments she needed and access to the specialized expertise that only a children’s hospital can provide. It’s been a long and unique journey for both Mikki and Jenna, but Mikki wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mikki said, “I’m so very honored to be a member of this team!” As a Walmart associate, she’s able to participate in fundraising activities at her location and help other kids like Jenna, whose children’s hospital has transformed her life and given her the opportunity to reach her fullest potential.

Children’s health care is an urgent local and global issue impacting the future of our communities and society at large. More kids need the kind of custom, expensive healthcare that children’s hospitals provide than can afford it, which is why hospitals like Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital rely on donations and community support. 

Partners like Walmart make giving easy, and their support helps us meet critical needs that help build healthier communities today and tomorrow. The Walmart Campaign continues through July 10 – donate today, 100% of all donations stay LOCAL!