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Making Miracles Gets Personal With Walmart Manager

Galen Mathis works as the store manager for the Walmart in Moses Lake, WA. He has worked for Walmart for the past 17 years and assisted in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising efforts – but this year the impact is much more personal. On November 11, 2016 Galen’s youngest daughter, Abby, was diagnosed with Leukemia.

“Abby is a wonderful little three year old,” Galen said. “Super happy all the time. Wakes up happy, goes to bed happy.”

However, last fall Abby began to complain of having leg pain. Followed by a noticeable lack of energy and some bruising on her face and head. This prompted Abby’s mom to take her to the clinic to get blood work done. With abnormal results, Abby and her family rushed to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to begin Abby’s battle. For Galen, time spent at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital felt much different than his estimated 15 tours he’d taken over his years of working for Walmart.

“In the back of my mind, I thought it [the hospital] was really cool,” he said. “I felt very bad for the kids, but [I thought] it will never be my kid.”

Galen made it his own mission to raise $10,000 at the front of the Moses Lake Walmart and stated that he would stay at the front of the store until that money was raised. In addition to this he was displaying patient videos, as well as collecting donations on Facebook.

“It’s amazing what we have raised. Thanks for those that have given, and those that have commented, shared and liked. This was never really about the dollars but about a cause I believe in with every inch of my being.”

We are so thankful for amazing partners and families that provide such great support to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital; it wouldn’t be possible without people like Galen.

[ CLICK HERE ] to see Abby’s story.



As Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Walmart celebrate 30 years of partnership, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital thanks Walmart for their commitment to the children we treat. Through the years of partnership with Walmart, over $2 million has been raised for our local children’s hospital and more than $935 million has been raised nationally. #HelpKidsLiveBetter