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Meet our 2021 Champion: JOURNEY!

Life is a journey filled with challenges, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments. At only 2 years old, Journey Burkhart’s young life has been filled with all these and more. Born with STAR syndrome, a genetic disease so rare, only ten people in the world have been diagnosed.

The Burkhart’s journey down this uncertain road started suddenly. During a routine ultrasound there was a large mass discovered in baby Journey’s belly. Extra ultrasounds were ordered and a decision was reached to be induced. The family had two days to prepare, but for what? The family had no way of knowing. It quickly became apparent after Journey’s birth that she was special and an underlying genetic syndrome was at the heart of all her problems.

STAR is highly complex and presents a wide range of life-threatening complications. Ongoing medical procedures, treatments and frequent trips to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, have become the norm for the busy family of 6.

Journey’s future is uncertain. But the Burkhart’s have found strength in their faith to take it one day at a time and embrace life’s journey.