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Purchase a Miracle Balloon at Costco in May!

May means it’s time for Miracle Balloons at Costco! All over North America, Costco Warehouses are partnering with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by selling balloons at the cash registers to support local Children’s Hospitals. Here in Spokane, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is lucky enough to have five warehouses raising money for our community and our kids, kids like Bella.

Early May 2014 a spunky 8 year old Bella fell while at play during school recess, and no one questioned the source of the pain she felt in her ankle. However, the pain from the fall did not subside, it grew worse. Bella began experiencing progressive pain from her ankle, up her leg, and into other extremities

After several doctor visits over a few weeks, Bella and her family finally found out that Bella suffers from an incredibly rare condition called Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendrocytic Leukemia. It is a disease generally found in adult males – not children.

On August 19, 2016, Bella got to ring the bell at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital signifying that she was done with her treatment. She is now 13 years old and cancer free!


Last week, Bella visited the Spokane Valley Costco to encourage balloon sales and visit with warehouse staff. Bella got to make a pizza in the food court (with a heart made out of pepperoni), she learned how to make flowers to decorate a cake in the bakery, she handed out friendship bracelets, and thanked the associates for the amazing fundraising they are doing for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital!

Since 1988, Costco Wholesale has supported children’s hospitals like ours across North America. We’re grateful for Costco employees and customers for helping raise vital funds for Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital! When you shop at Costco in May, please support local medical care for kids like Bella by buying a CMNH balloon.